Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spirit (Table of Contents)


A Mystery

Adventist Teaching on Soul Sleep
The Human Spirit 'My Spirit Longs for You' by Cherry Brandstater
Made In the Image of God
Separate But Not Equal
The Immortality of the Soul
Spiritual Implications
The Intermediate State
What Do the Proof Texts Prove?
The Final Outcome
What of the Lost?
The Search For Hell
Redeeming Hell
Appendix: What Languages Did Paul Speak?
Books Consulted


Hazel Holland said...

I shared your teaching on Hell with a former WWCoG lady today who just joined the FB Lighthouse group.

She shared that she is struggling with accepting it (like many SDAs do) because how could a loving God do this to people who reject Him?

I pray that your site will give her insight into God's heart in a new way! I'll keep you posted about her response.<3

Blessings in Him <3

Gently Broken said...

Hazel, thank you for sharing the link. I pray that it will bring clarity and freedom to a sister in Christ who has dealt with many of the same issues we have. I'll love getting further feedback.