Friday, September 12, 2008

Ultimate Rest (Table of Contents)


Chapter One: Why Study? Ethan Morphis, my pride and joy
Chapter Two: A Challenge
Chapter Three: The Everlasting Covenants
Chapter Four: The Old or Siniatic Covenant
Chapter Five: Are the Ten Commandments Immutable?
Chapter Six: The Seventh Day In Creation
Chapter Seven: Jesus' Authority Over the Sabbath
Chapter Eight: The Contrast between the New and Old Covenants
Chapter Nine: The Christian Church and the Lord's Day
Chapter Ten: Scripture Passages That Raise Questions
Chapter Eleven: Adventist Heritage of the Sabbath
Chapter Twelve: The Rest That Remains
Books Consulted
Appendix 1: Herschel Hughes' Message
Appendix 2: Walter Martin's Interview
Appendix 3: Walter Martin's Questions to the General Conference
Appendix 4: Walter Martin's Position on Adventism


Dennis said...

Cherry I have previously read every word of your blog. As much as I enjoyed that I lack the time to do it again just now.

I thought you posted historical evidence outside the bible for the resurrection of others along with Jesus.

If that is correct would you point me to that page? Or in fact any pages you may have about the resurrection.

Thank you and blessings
Dennis Sanders

Gently Broken said...

Dennis, the discussion of that event is under that subtitle, "The Transition" here: It is also discussed under "Death, Ruin, Sleep, Body and Soul" here: Those are the only two instances I can recall where I discussed that particular passage. It certainly is enigmatic, but interesting.

Anis said...

Respected Cherry, I can discuss everything from bible, if you are really interested. Almost every explanation of yours is exactly as per Jesuitical understanding, I can prove your position incorrect from Bible itself.. I was Muslim and have seen the whole twist of Bible... Now I m Christian...

Anis said...

Please get in touch with pastor Randy Skeete, Professor Walter Veith, and pastor David Gates Adventist Ministers.. They can answer your every question from bible to the point... They do not require any other resources..

Gently Broken said...

Hello, Anis, Thank you for commenting. I certainly hope you got further than the Table of Contents and read with an open heart inviting the Holy Spirit, rather than a pastor, to speak to you. If you read the beginning of this blog you will know that I grew up in the very heart of Adventism with an Adventist father. I know the teachings of Adventism inside out. I could give the talks that the pastors you mention would give. It was very difficult for me to conceive of anything else being truth - until I read the Bible itself under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It was then that scriptures jumped out at me that stunned me since I had been taught that they meant the exact opposite. I agree, the Bible is our foundation, our plumb line. And it is the Holy Spirit who is able to reveal truth to us thru it since He is the One who inspired it.

I am delighted to know that you have come to value the Word of God and I pray that His Spirit will do His work and lead you to all truth, in Jesus' name.Kind Regards

Gently Broken said...

Anis, I want to further comment that I am pleased that you have turned your eyes toward Jesus Who is our salvation and hope. He is the center of all things to us. Doctrinal discussions have value if they enhance our relationship to Him. If our hope is based on the fact that Jesus became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him - and that in Him we HAVE eternal life, then we can discuss these things in safety.

I don't pretend to know all that God has in store for me - and that is an exciting thought. I pray for both of us that He will send His Spirit to us both as we read His word so that He can reveal "mysteries we do not know." In Jesus' name, blessings.