Friday, September 12, 2008

Appendix 1: Herschel Hughes’ Message

An audio presentation by Herschel Hughes of this message to a Southern California SDA church can be heard at this website:

“I am the Lord thy God and those of you from the Seventh-day Adventist Church are dearly loved by me, but you are a stiff-necked, prideful people, who have provoked my wrath. For I have sent to you many messengers of truth. But you have stubbornly refused to respond to their testimony and you are arrogantly continuing to defy my will. The end is near, so I give you this final warning. You must return to your Christian roots and abandon the false teaching that it is my will that you should observe and make the Jewish Sabbath the focus of end-time events and an issue of salvation. This is wrong, for the Sabbath was part of the old covenant I made exclusively for the Jews and as Gentiles it is not yours to claim.

“But I have given all people (Jews and Gentiles alike) who believe and follow me, a new covenant, which is the inheritance of eternal life, freely given, by my blood and by my grace, through faith, and which also includes the guidance and empowerment of my Spirit but includes no allowance for any legalisms from the old Jewish covenant. My JEWS celebrate my creation but my Christians celebrate my blood. You must also abandon the false teaching that you call the investigative judgment, as it denies the completed redemption of my cross; it denies my grace and without my grace, there is no salvation. You must reject your false views about death as I am the Creator of life and the immortality of the soul and at the moment of death, I call home to be with me, all the souls of my true believers. You must embrace my truth regarding the indwelling work of my Holy Spirit, which begins at the moment you are born again, and you are sealed by Me. You have scorned my rapture throughout your entire brief existence as a church and thus you have chosen not to be included in it. You have altered my truths regarding this Earth's final events, so that your people will not be prepared for my coming and you deceive my Christians with your heretical Sunday laws and mark of the beast deceptions. You teach contempt and condemnation toward my Jews and you claim to have replaced them and call yourselves spiritual Israel. Such thinking led to the tortuous murder of millions of my chosen people; for they will be restored and they, not you, will do my work during the tribulation. There is a judgment of fire for all people who have demeaned my Jews. You have even altered my truth of eternal damnation. I will no longer tolerate these and other of your heresies. You are not my remnant church, or my chosen people; and most of you are not even part of the body of Christ. I want to anoint and empower this church, DO NOT REMAIN A CULT. You must reject these untruths and become a genuine Christian church now; the Adventist Christian Church. You have the potential of becoming a mighty force for my cause, but you have chosen to follow a false prophet who is leading you to your own demise. Harken my words before it is too late. REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! And follow only me, and I will abundantly bless you; otherwise I will ultimately focus my wrath against this church and its people.”

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Alberto said...

Gently Broken,

I did a translation via Google translator and pass this message to the Adventists I know.

Sincerely in Christ,

Francisco Alberto
Brasilia / Brazil

Gently Broken said...

Thank you, Alberto. People need to know what they are following.

Editor, Gently Broken

Anonymous said...

sorry, i don't believe this guy. although i agree with some things he said. this message is too politically correct to be from God!

Gently Broken said...

I had to smile at the thought of a politically correct God! The one I read about in the Bible doesn't really fit that profile, does He?

I can speculate about what you thought was politically correct in his statement, but would be interested in your elaborating more on that.

I have to admit that I have not seen enough evidence for a pre-trib rapture to be in that camp though I don't feel that it needs to be a point of separation. I would say that the rest of it seems to be spot on.

Your turn!

Cherry Brandstater

Anonymous said...

Adventist people already believe they are a special people with a special message from a messenger of God.

Now this guy comes with yet another special message to a "still" special church.

God is no respecter of persons Act 10:34

Gently Broken said...

OK, I get where you are coming from. Here's a thought: we are all special to God - even when we are arrogant and insufferable. God humbled Himself so much that we was willing to become a man in order to redeem humanity. Perhaps He would speak in a language that people could hear even if they have a "remnant" complex.

The point in putting this message from Dr. Hughes into the blog was to show what it was that opened the way for these studies to be taught in an Adventist Church for a year. Perhaps that was the miracle after all! At least God used it for His purposes for which I am grateful. He's done more mysterious things than that! It's amazing the things He can use.


Anonymous said...

doesn't the Bible say God hates a proud look and a lying tongue. Where does it say we are special when we are arrogant and insufferable?

the end doesn't justify the means. go ahead and reform the sda church, just do it in a way that it will glorify God.

Gently Broken said...

Since all of us can only produce filthy rags I have no human idea why any of us would be special to God. But the wonder is that we are, pride, deception, anger, lust, arrogance, lack of compassion and all. He hates anything that draws us away from him and is contrary to his heart of love. But he never hates us.

I have no illusions that the SDA church will ever reform. But I think some of the people will listen and come out. So - whatever it takes to reach those who will respond to truth is worth the effort, don't you think?

Francisco A. de Azevedo said...

Anonymous of July 29, 2010 6:26 AM

Isaiah, 5

13. Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because [they have] no knowledge: and their honourable men [are] famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.
14. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.
15. And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled:
16. But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.

other biblical passages about arrogance, pride or arrogance:

Psalms: 18:27; 101:5; Proverbs: 6:16 a 19; 21:4; 30:13; Isaiah: 2:10 a 13; 5:13 a 16 e 2 Samuel 22:28


Gently Broken said...

The Lord hates the arrogance because it is antithetical to who He is. He hates the pride because it puts up a wall of separation that makes it nearly impossible for Him to penetrate the thick veils that separate us from His truth. But thru it all, he loves us and has reconciled us to Himself. Our redemption makes of us a new creation. Any of those traits that remain are residual habits, not who we are. Thank God that He also pursues the lost with whatever means it takes to get the attention of those He loves so much.

I'm assuming you speak Portuguesse:

English to Portuguese translation
O Senhor odeia a arrogância, porque é a antítese de quem Ele é. Ele odeia o orgulho, pois coloca-se um muro de separação que torna quase impossível para ele penetrar os véus espessos que nos separam de sua verdade. Mas apesar de tudo, ele nos ama e nos reconciliou consigo mesmo. Nossa redenção faz de nós uma nova criação. Qualquer desses traços que permanecem são os hábitos residuais, não o que somos. Graças a Deus que Ele também busca o perdido com o que significa que é preciso para obter a atenção de quem ele tanto ama.

Francisco A. de Azevedo said...

Thrue. Thank you.